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The need for water - Renewable energy Grundfos submersible pump

One of our first tasks was to install our bore hole which will in time supply all the water used at Barranco da Palha. We plan to use fully renewable energy so it was important to install a good solar pump system from the start. After carrying out quite a bit of research we settled for the Grundfos SQF 1.2-3. This is Renewable energy submersible pump with build in inverter for solar, wind and an AC power source and runs on both AC and DC voltage. The system will run off just three independent solar panels once we are in residence but in the meantime the control panel travels neatly in our car with a small generator that allows us to run the system only when needed to fill up the water storage containers that allow us to irrigate what is necessary for now as we have already embarked on a tree planting scheme on the land.

We also intend to ensure that rainwater collection and storage is incorporated into the infrastructure of the build stage together with collection, storage and recycling of greywater.

Working in conjunction with the local firm who drilled for the bore hole we purchased our Grundfos pump and control unit from ALBOMBAS based in Almancil. A well respected firm with over thirty years experience in the area, they were extremely helpful in their advise and guidance. In addition to the installation, the technical teams of Albombas are prepared to ensure a permanent technical assistance of the equipment, through the various maintenance services.  The partnership with Grundfos, guarantees full assistance to the products and services, and their main concern is total customer satisfaction, cultivating solid relationships of trust.

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Contact details:

Rua de Vale Formoso

213 - 8135-148 Almancil

Tel: 289 397 527

web site:

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