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The Algarve

Welcome to the Algarve. The Southern most region of Portugal. 

The Algarve is made up of three different areas of terrain that make up this beautiful region.

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The Algarve: Welcome

The Algarve is divided into three large zones, each of great scenic beauty:

The Coastline (litoral) - The Algarve coast is extremely diverse and you will find everything from steep cliffs dropping sharply into the sea, extensive stretches of sandy beaches, lagoons with many inlets, marshland and dunes. The coastline consists mainly of flat terrain and there are many grasslands and plains;

The Barrocal the area also known as the "biera-serra" is the transitional zone between the coast and the uplands. The area is traditionally the main supplier of the Algarve’s agricultural produce. 

The Uplands (serra) occupy around 50% of the Algarve.  The main upland ranges are the Serra de Monchique, with the highest point in the Algarve located at 902 metres, and the Serra do Caldeirão, also known as Mú.

The Algarve’s location creates a unique bioclimatic to the region. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean. The sun shines for over 3,000 hours a year and the average annual rainfall is low.

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