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Passive housing and the solution for thermal comfort all year round

When building a new property why not take into account the ambient temperatures from the conception of your house?

One of the construction principles of passive houses is to ensure all year round comfort. The main challenge of passive houses in the Algarve will be to maintain an indoor temperature low enough to not exceed 25ºC more than 37 days per year (10%). To achieve this, passive houses incorporate the following techniques:

    • Minimization of windows to the west.

    • Integration of roof overhangs and/or shading devices if needed (sunshades and adjustable shutters).

    • Taking into account the benefits of the surrounding vegetation (planting of deciduous trees).

    • Opposite openings to promote natural ventilation.

    • Efficient insulation to avoid that cold areas received external heat.

    • Controlled mechanical ventilation system (CMV) with by-pass, to maintain a constant supply of fresh air in the house and avoid that the exhaust air transfers additional heat to the incoming air.

Passive housing and the solution for thermal comfort all year round: Text
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