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Algarve Markets: Welcome

We are blessed in the Algarve with the perfect climate that allows for an abundance of locally grown produce. Go to any of the local markets and your eyes and senses will be awoken by the sheer array of colour and smell of the fresh produce more often than not, grown, picked and sold directly by the local farmers. The Algarve is one of the few places where the locals still shop at markets for most of their daily consumption so don't be surprised to find the markets bustling and noisy. You'll find the choice of fruit and vegetables all of which of course are in season, beyond any selection you will find in a supermarket. Summer fruits and salad items are grown and harvested all year round.

The wonderful selection of other local produce such as meat, fish, cheese, cured meats, bread, herbs, honey (available in every shade depending what the bees have feasted on) jams and preserves means you truly could fill your basket for almost all of your needs.

Simply click on the link below to take you to a list of all the markets in the Algarve:

Loule Market

Olhão is known to be home to the best fish market in the Algarve but there are many others, like Portimão, that don’t lag far behind. Wherever you land up staying whilst in the Algarve here you just need to click to take you to a comprehensive list of all the markets and when they are held

Situated at the Port Promenade, the market halls of Olhão market are an amazing mixture of produce, smells, colours and hustle and bustle and open from Monday to Saturday from 7.30 am to 2 pm. Comprising of two identical halls which adjoin, the Western hall is reserved for fish. Dotted around the outside of the halls are busy little cafes and diverse shops so there are plenty of opportunities to stop for a coffee and savoury or sweet treat whilst shopping for your fish

Olhao Market aerial shot .jpg
Whelks for sale Olhao market.jpg


The freshness, quality and the variety of fish and other seafood is very impressive. Shellfish, octopus, crabs, shrimps, squid and everything that you can imagine that comes from the Ocean but don't be surprised if you don't recognise all of the types on offer (such as possibly the large whelk in this picture) depending on the catch. The Sellers will fillet any fish if you ask and their art, once learnt is never forgotten. With trained movements the fish of your choice will be cleaned, scaled and made ready to cook within a few minutes. 

Algarve Markets: Resources
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