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Artisan Traditional Crafts in the Algarve

Across the Algarve, you will find artisans who make blankets, tablecloths, table runners, linen and rugs, using traditional materials and techniques.

Palm weaving was once an important activity for many families’ budgets, as it was connected to the need to work in the fields. Today, while it may have lost some of its use in every day life, it has acquired ornamental qualities so that items made in this way have become not only charmingly attractive but also much sought-after.

The same is can be said of pottery and ceramics, tiles, wooden, copper and wrought iron pieces, and magnificent decorative lace items.

The Algarve’s artisans produce unique pieces, based on deeply-rooted and longstanding traditions

There are various organisations in the Algarve that have been set up to promote artisan traditional crafts in the region and we have listed them below. 

We will be adding to this section on a regular basis outlining individuals and events that also champion the Algarve's artisan crafts

Algarve palm weaving.jpg
hand painted pottery.jpg
Algarve blanket 1.jpg

TASA’s mission is to bring innovation to the handcraft industry, while promoting it as a profession with future.

They focus on design as a means by which to boost the traditional handcrafts of the Algarve, while maintaining their usefulness and cultural character.

They want to salvage ancestral techniques in danger of extinction as a result of mass production. They defend and adopt the values of sustainability.

TASA Project – Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions

Loulé Criativo is an initiative aimed at enhancing and promoting the identity of this Algarve municipality. The driving forces behind the initiative are creativity and innovation. The project supports the training and activity of artisans and other people working in the creative sector, helping to revitalise the traditional arts and crafts and dynamise new approaches to the areas intangible heritage.

​Loulé Criativo

Based in Sao Bras de Alportel. In 2013, Sofia Carrusca, created the Algarve Rotas company, which operates in the field of tourist activities for the interpretation and valuation of the local cork industrial heritage, the promotion of cultural tours, nature tours and develop workshops in the field of traditional arts and crafts improving new experiences to the customers.

Algarve Rotas

In2south is a Pro active travel agency, specialising in ecotourism and creative tourism in the Algarve.

They organise walking tours, bird watching, creative experiences focused on local culture and social activities with villages, in a close sustainable relationship with the values of the region and the local communities.


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