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Welcome to Algarve Natural. The Algarve is not just about the Coastline and Beaches. There are many, many beautiful and interesting places to explore Inland too. Whilst of course we will touch on "not to be missed" areas along the Coast, our aim at Algarve Natural is to give you as detailed as possible outline of areas of Natural Beauty and interest in Inland Algarve

The place to find out information on the natural beauty of the Algarve, local artisan traditional crafts, activities, traditional cuisine, renewable energy, where to explore beyond the beaches and much, much more.

We add new information constantly and have an "interview of the month" so please do look out for these and we hope you find them of interest. If you would like to receive monthly updates automatically please fill in the "subscribe form" below with your email address.

If you have a relevant topic that you would like to bring to our attention so we can look to include it in the information we promote do send us an email or indeed if you would like to advertise on our web page.

Our Butterfly logo is designed by India - a talented illustrator. You can follow her work on Instagram @india.gloom

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